The PSU Research Colloquium was held virtually for the first time in 2021. Presentations were divided into four categories (Category A: primarily Sciences and Technology; Category B: primarily Business, Education, and Humanities; Category C: Creative Works; Category D: Topical Literature Review).


Submissions from 2021

A black spot on our record: invasion history of the nonnative Blackspotted Topminnow (Fundulus olivaceus) in the Spring River Subbasin of Kansas, with a comparison to long-term trends in Blackstripe Topminnow (Fundulus notatus) prevalence, Alexandra King

Activatable MR Prodrug for Targeted Delivery and Treatment of Cancer, Truptiben Patel, Arth Patel, Zachary Shaw, Tuhina Banerjee, and Santimukul Santra

Air pollution affect the health conditions of pedestrians in metropolitan cities, Anudeep Reddy Dasari and Phanindar Reddy

A pilot study on detection of lead in residential garden soil in tri-state mining area, Adara Wolfe and Anuradha Ghosh

Assessing the Health Literacy Levels of Diabetic Patients Located in Rural Southeast Kansas, Meghan Murray

Bifunctional CuMoS4 for green energy production and storage, Kinsey Morey

Big data analysis on the relationship between personalizing advertisement volume and sales, Yue Liu

Bio-Based Rigid Polyurethane Foams Made Flame-Retardant after Addition of Aluminum Hypophosphite, Felipe M. de Souza, Jonghyun Choi, and Ram Gupta

Birth Outcomes of Patients Who Received Early vs Late Prenatal Care, Samantha Shakes

Blending of PLA and TPU in a Single Screw Extruder to Create 3D Printing Filament, Caleb Jones, Kage Negron, Zeel Patel, Trenton Vaughn, and Jeanne Norton

Boxes of Self Expression: A Crown for Empty Spaces, Amanda Trout

Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy: The Impact on Mother and Fetus, Morgan Michael

Community Waste Management, Audrey LaVere

Cost-effective solutions to energy storage system development, Tenzin Ingsel and Jonghyun Choi

COVID-19 Health Information Seeking: Knowledge & Vested Interests in Midwest Populations, Kaitlin Barnett

Detection of Food-Borne Pathogens Using Nanozyme Technology, Nilamben Panchal, Vedant Jain, Rebekah Elliott, Samantha Knoblauch, T. Banerjee, and Santimukul Santra

Determinants of Population Growth U.S. Micropolitan Areas, Myles Clark

Disruptive Communication Among the Interdisciplinary Team: Gaining Insight and Providing Nurse Education, Kristen Anderson

Educational Needs Regarding Concussion in Youth Athletes, Trevor Harvey

Effect of Graphite/Graphene Addition to PMMA Liquid Crystal, Skyler Hausback

Electrochemical Analysis of Coffee, Braden Shelton, Isabella Friemel, and Charles Neef

Evaluating the avian and vegetative communities on strip-mined land in Cherokee and Crawford counties, Luke Headings

Extrusion Processing of 3D Printer Filament, Garrett VanBecelaere, Camille Holman, Jarod Mortensen, Evan Murphy, and Paul Herring

Factors Affecting Second Language Acquisition, Lauren Hucke

French Revolution: Peasantry and Other Causes, Braeden Silvers

From Backbreaking to Beautiful: The Transition and Effects of the American West, Joseph Harris

Herpetofauna Communities on Mined Lands in Southeast Kansas, Emma Buckardt

Highly efficient thermal stability of bio-based rigid polyurethane foam via melamine and its derivatives as additive flame retardant, Niloofar Arasteh Nejad

How Can Current and Future NBA Athletes Improve Their Performances and Have Great Careers?, Rigo Eljoenai Othniel Brou

How COVID-19 has impacted the admission rates of higher education in the Midwest of the United States?, Neeraj Duhan

How The View of the Vietnam War has changed with time, Hunter Garritano

Impact of Number of Autonomous Vehicles on Highway Traffic Congestion, Yash Worlikar

Implementation and Evaluation of the Quantification of Blood Loss and Postpartum Hemorrhage Education, Marlee Cares

Injection Mold Heat Transfer Study with The Carabiner Mold, Logan Lord, Masen Cook, William Hopkins, Tanner Smith, and Paul Herring

Investigation of Post-Consumer Regrind Content in ABS and Polystyrene for Consumer Packaging Applications, Kameron Swenson, Jacob Woody, Matthew Long, Lexington Peterson, and Jeanne Norton

Investigation of Post-Consumer Regrind Content in Polyethylene and Polypropylene for Consumer Packaging Applications, Maggie Moody, Dylan Hiersche, Jacob Robertson, Tanner Tribble, and Douglas Wells

Investigation of reasons which lead engineering professionals in India to switch their occupation from engineering positions to business administration, Bhupinder Kaur

M4 Medium (Sherman) Tank Debunking the Myth, Brian Jones

Machine Learning on the Edge, Brandon Kincheloe

Macro Tilt-Shift, Stuart Zizzo

Mammal communities in Kansas mined lands: Second year of Snapshot USA data collection, Caleb Durbin, Mary Whiteacre, and Christine Rega-Brodsky

Motion Capture and Photogrammetry Data Collection for Ergonomic Musculoskeletal Repetition in a Real-World Environment, William Corlett

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Nonpharmacological Intervention Education for Healthcare Professionals Caring for Newborns, Darby Harvey

Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia Education for Patients, Nurses, and Providers, Jenny Greene

Phantom Event Horizons, Easton Morrill

Plant Based Compounds Inhibits Proliferation, Alters Cytomorphology and Decreases Migration of Human Cancerous Cells, Devapriya Segaran

Pomegranate: An Eco-Friendly Source for Green Energy Storage Devices, Jonghyun Choi, Taylor Wixson, and Ram K. Gupta

Prevalence of ticks and tick-borne pathogens in mined land areas of southeast Kansas, Sydney Nippoldt, Hallee Belgum, Cassady Utley, Narinder Sharma, and Anuradha Ghosh

Provider Knowledge of Tickborne Diseases, Kristi Harbit

Quality management differences between the large scale and small scale companies, Sagar Nagane

Reducing Maternal Mortality in the United States: Preventing Postpartum Hemorrhage, Madison DeLissa

Revisiting the Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19, Samuel Davis and Kyle Thompson

Safety and Efficacy of the BioNTech-Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine, Kaci Hultz and Mandy Peak

Scientific Injection Molding Using the Frisbee Mold, Caleb Thompson, Elijah Harris, Abigail Howard, Michael Majors, and Paul Herring

Scotland's Witch-Hunts and the European Reformation, Tami Burt

Surveillance study on Culex sp. in Southeast Kansas and prevalence of West Nile Virus in the mosquito population, Sara Goins and Nicholas Dooley

Synthesis of Nanostructured Transition Metal Oxides and Sulfides for Overall Water Splitting and Supercapacitors, Kelsey Thompson

Temperatures Decrease Mammalian Species Richness Nationwide, Margaret Murray

The 504 Sit-In through a Social Psychological Lens, Hailey Horn, Kensie Plienplang, and Charissa Robertson

The Benefits of Using Regional Anesthesia via Nerve Blocks for Patients Prior to Surgery, Jayly Cook

The Dreadnought, Daniel Davis

The First World War and the Philosophy of Warfare, Samuel Griffin

The Reign of Terror: Mission Failure, Latayzia Harris

The Role of Espionage in the American Victory in the War for Independence, Jennifer Barnett

The Volta ElectroBlade, Zachary Pagel and Dawson Vogel

Trends in soil chemistry and O-horizon depths across an urbanization gradient, Madeline Gay

Understanding the Emotional and Treatment Impact of Recurrent Miscarriages for Women Living in Rural Medically Under-Served Areas, Whitney Dickerson

Use of Mental Health Literacy Courses in the Classroom, Falon Little and Rayna Bulot