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The Purpose was to determine if a 1KHZ tone, could disrupt state dependency in a T-meme when the tone was Paired with feeding and good seeking response on training trials and later presented on testing trials while subjects were in the drug(T) state opposite of the training state. The 64, 80 day old, male hooded rats were trained to an 18/20 criterion while either in D state, produced by 45 mg/kg interparitonal injections of chlordiazepoxide hydro chloride (Librium) or, the non drug(WD) state, produced by sterile water. Beginning with the opposite of the training D state, D and WD states were alternated daily across 2 consecutive days of testing in the four experimental groups. The testing and training D states were always same for the four control groups. Two no-tore experimental groups (one D trained; one WD trained) demonstrated state-dependent effects, The ability of the tone to disrupt state-dependency in the two transfer (tone) experimental groups(one B trained one WD trained) could not be determined because of the possible influence of confounding variables. Results are discussed with regard to other disruption experiments.


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