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Purpose. The purpose of this study is to determine the amount of relationship existing between certain personality traits and certain physical traits of approximately 135 freshmen women at the Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg, Kansas.

Procedure. A personality test and various physical tests were administered to approximately 135 freshmen women at the Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg. The six personality trait scores measured by the Bernreuter Personality Inventory were correlated with the physical test scores measuring General Motor Capacity, General Motor Ability, Physical Fitness Index, and body build. Pearson's formula for determining the coefficient of correlation was used for all correlations.

As a somewhat different approach to the problem, body build was arbitrarily divided into three Groups, linear, average, and stocky. The average personality test scores of these three groups selected on the basis of body build were then compared in an attempt to determine the amount of relationship and difference.

Findings. All in all, while the possibility of a relationship between emotional adjustment, as measured by the B1-N score on the Bernreuter Test, and body build has been suggested by the results of this study, the findings as a whole would seam to justify the conclusion that there is only a very small relationship between physical and personality traits; as these have been measured in this investigation. The fact that this finding is in essential agreement with another closely related study (Middleton's) would seem to provide additional confirmation for it.


vi, 23, [5] leaves ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaves 22-23. Appendix: Personality inventory / R. G. Bernreuter. Stanford University, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c1935

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