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The purpose of this investigation is to study automated data processing instruction in a selected group of colleges in the United States. The specific areas to be covered include: 1. The present status of data processing on college campuses 2. The instructional staff for data processing 3. The curriculum and courses offered in data processing 4. The equipment available for data processing. With the coming of the "computer age" there is a need for people to be trained in the area of automated data processing. Some experts are predicting that 300,000 new jobs for computer programmers will be created by 1975. Already today, due to the lack of educational facilities, many times it is necessary for the companies with computers to initiate and maintain their own training programs. But, more and more, the colleges and universities are taking over the responsibility for the necessary training in this area. To what extent have the colleges taken over this responsibility? This is the question that is being asked by both college administrators and industrial men. And, this is the question this investigation attempts to answer, not only for these groups, but also for others who may in some way benefit from this information.


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