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The purpose of this problem is two-fold. First, there has been an attempt to determine from published research and opinion the effect of books on children's mental health; and second, the writer has compiled an annotated bibliography of children's books, which, in the opinion of the writer, may help children to overcome emotional problems. "No one, child or grown-up, seems to be free from some form of unhappiness which he is hiding from the world." Every child has his problems. They may seem small and even foolish to us but they are real and important to him. His problem may stem from a severe disfigurement or a marked physical handicap or it may be no more than an inability to play softball. At any rate, if we can give the child a book--one in which he can associate himself with the hero--we can help him to see that he is not alone with his problem. We may not noticeably change his behavior, but if we can make him happier and give him a more wholesome outlook on his problem, then we have helped him to better mental health.


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