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Excerpt: "The ultimate aim of education in our democracy is to educate all children of all people, regardless of their intellectual level, to develop their fullest capabilities. To achieve this goal free public school facilities must be provided for every individual child in accordance with his needs. It is the duty of the public schools to make happy and useful citizens of all boys and girls. [...] The problem is how to develop an improved program for the education of children of low intelligence in the Negro schools. The problem raises the following related questions: (1) How can the slow learning child be determined? (2) What type of curriculum will best fit his needs? (3) How can a special curriculum be made acceptable to the child and his parents? (4) How can his training help to prepare him for industrial independence? (5) How can the child be taught the satisfaction of success? [...] This problem will include children between the ages of ten and fourteen years with intelligence quotients ranging from 50-70 and who are mental deviates out of approximately nine hundred children of fourth, fifth, and sixth grade levels in three Negro schools in Kansas City, Kansas."