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Teachers, parents, and all those who care about children are more concerned today than ever about the effect of comic books on our youth. Comics are big business. In 1951, more than 900,000,000 comic books with more than 400 different titles were sold. Over 90 per cent of the regular readers of these books and comic strips were boys and girls between 8 and 13 years of age. Many of these boys and girls read 5 and 6 comics weekly. Children are going to read comics; therefore, it is up to educators and parents to improve the medium. The teacher can and should aid children in learning to discriminate among the comics as among other forms of reading. Parents, too, must be up and doing. The interest in this problem is already shown by the fact that thirty professional articles have been published about it. The comic situation is a problem which must look for solution to all those who cherish the values of childhood and youth.


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