Document Type

Graduate Research


Master of Science

Publication Date

Summer 7-1961


This study was undertaken to use the mechanical aptitude test in determining if the proper students are making the best use of the available shop facilities at Sarasota Junior High School, Sarasota, Florida.

Books, magazines, bulletins, questionnaires, mechanical aptitude and other test results were used in compiling this information.

An attempt has been made to point out deficiencies and inconsistencies in the present arrangement and to make recommendations for their correction. The following recommendations were proposed:

(1) Aptitude testing should be continued;

(2) all those counseling students on enrollment should be held to become better informed as to the importance of shop work;

(3) Industrial Arts Program should be integrated with science and mathematics;

(4) more shop training should be offered in Sarasota Senior High;

(5) the vocational unit should be continued and broadened;

(6) more knowing should be added to shop work and more doing should be added in other courses;

(7) Junior High Shop should continue to be varied to allow for exploration;

(8) efforts should be made to counter the belief that shop work is for the slow or retarded;

(9) the more apt students should be given priority in shop enrollment.


iv, 30 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. Bibliography: leaf 30.