Suggestions for improving the library and library services of Meade, Kansas, Elementary School

John K. Brewster, Kansas State Teachers College

v, 67 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm. Includes bibliographies.


As educators, in the Kansas schools today, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the school library and its facilities in the elementary school. The school library of today is an outgrowth of the newer conceptions of school procedures which are embodied in the experience curriculum, the problem approach, and the extension of hte unity method of teaching. There is a demand for a greater variety and more extensive amount of instructional materials. We are becoming more cognizant of the individual differences in the children in the public schools of today. It will be necessary that we place more emphasis on wide reading as a leisure time activity for children of all age levels. These demands will necessitate a library readily accessible to all pupils and sufficiently adequate to permit centralization, classification and accounting of learning materials.