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This problem in general takes into account the library program of the rural schools in Crawford County, Kansas, grades one through eight inclusive. This does not include textbooks, supplementary readers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, or rental books purchased by the school district. The purpose of this investigation is to obtain information as to whether or not the children of the rural schools of Crawford County, Kansas, receive proper library supervision during their formative years. The writer has read extensively and examined carefully the books, magazines, bulletins, and periodicals on libraries written especially for the elementary school, as to the history of children's literature and the objectives of elementary libraries. The material has been arranged in documentary form in Part I of this problem. In Part II of this problem, a questionnaire was submitted to the administrations of the rural schools of Crawford County, Kansas, to obtain information as to grades involved in that particular school, books, time, interest among children and adults, and money. The writer has used the case-study technique for Part III of this problem. The writer through direct observation, has attempted to analyze the general condition of the reading program at the Chicopee School. The writer has attempted to understand the present status of the Chicopee library by noting the probable causes of the present condition of the said library. Recommendations were suggested to the Chicopee Board of Education, and the necessary adjustments to be made in providing a better reading program for the children of the Chicopee School.


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