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The library-study hall in the secondary school has long been the subject of controversy, involving both the teaching and library professions. In general, educators have argued in favor of the combination, while librarians have maintained that the library should remain separate from the study hall. The combining of the library and the study hall was undertaken by administrators to eliminate the undesirable features of the study hall. It was felt that the study hall would take on meaning and efficiency when functioning under library conditions. As time has passed, the advocates of the combination have become more convinced of its advantages while its opponents are as determined as ever in their objections. In examining the literature for suggestions the investigator has found few studies relating to the problem of a combination library-study hall. From the fact that many writers recommend further investigations of the problem, it is evident that the controversy has not been settled. Goldsmith suggests that further study be made of the problem to corroborate evidence already on hand to support the library-study hall plan. Logasa suggests that suspended judgment is best until all factors in the problem have been considered.


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