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The management of our natural resources is often a complex task, as many actions have direct or indirect human consequences. Not only do natural resource managers have to evaluate species’ needs and the quality and availability of habitats, the human dimension of the resource needs to be integrated into planning and management efforts. As our society becomes more diverse, natural resource agencies should understand stakeholder values and behaviors in order to manage the resource in an informed, adaptive manner. In collaboration with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, and Parks (KDWP), we developed a survey to assess the demographics and environmental values of visitors to the Southeast Kansas Nature Center in Galena, KS. The Center and surrounding parkland provide a diverse array of resources to park visitors, threatened and endangered herpetofauna, and rich bird community. Data will be collected by students in the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Management class at Pittsburg State University. We will use a snowball sampling methodology to distribute an online survey to adult park visitors. We anticipate presenting data on how park visitors found out about the Center, how visitors utilize the park, their interests in the environment, and how they perceive various aspects of nature. Data will be used by the director of the SE KS Nature Center to inform their park management objectives and actions, promotional materials, and relationships with park visitors.