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Using a glass ball (known as a crystal ball, lens ball, or refraction ball), one is able to capture a unique perspective in a photo. When light passes through a denser mass, refraction occurs. An inverted image of the scene behind the ball is seen. Refraction balls are most often used in landscape or up-close photography, where the ball creates a similar effect to a fisheye lens. Though, the refraction ball has much more flexibility. The ball can be used within the scene to create an interesting focal point. This project uses a sixty-millimeter refraction ball to showcase people in a different way than a traditional portrait. Using the ball in the specific category of portraiture, one must combat the obstacles of the inverted image (which may also be considered a creative advantage) as well as distortion around the edges of the ball. A refraction ball is a tool unlike others to enhance an image, especially a portrait.

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