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The global energy crisis and environmental pollution have stimulated increasing attention to developing clean and renewable alternative energy sources. One of the most efficient and greenest energy storage devices is supercapacitor which could store energy via electrical double layer and redox reactions. Supercapacitors are widely employed for many portable electronics and hybrid electric vehicles due to their high-power density, fast charge-discharge rate, and good cycle stability. In this work, 3D nanostructured flower-like iron-nickel sulfide was synthesized on the nickel foam using a facile hydrothermal method. The iron-nickel sulfide electrode showed out­standing performance for supercapacitor with a high areal capacitance of 13.2 F/cm2 at the scan rate of 1 mV/s and 4.9 F/cm2 at the current density of 5 mA/cm2, respectively. The specific capacitance of iron-nickel sulfide was 11 and 54 times higher than that of iron-nickel oxide and nickel foam at 5 mA/cm2, respectively. Further­more, the iron-nickel sulfide electrode displayed good rate capability in the charge-discharge study. Our research suggests that designing a highly porous and 3D nano-flower like iron-nickel sulfide material could be a way to improve the charge storage capacity of energy storage devices.