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Effective communication and patient safety are very crucial aspects of nursing care. The purpose of this research was to explore the evidence supporting bedside reporting with a standardized handover tool and to identify the problems that exist when no standard handover method is used. Interventions and improvements that can be implemented to bring about better outcomes in patent safety and effective communication will be identified. Bedside nurse-to-nurse change-of-shift reports as well as a standardized handover tool are effective means of increasing shared understanding while improving the quality of care and the patient’s safety. Bedside reporting with a handover tool such as the I-PASS, SBAR, or SOAP note help to eliminate errors that occur when handovers are without structure. Bedside reporting is also a means of including the patient and their family in the case they are receiving, and thus increasing the quality of the patient centered care. Although there is a great deal of research done that proves the validity and effectiveness of nurse-to-nurse bedside reports and handover tools, there is a lack of implementation by hospitals.

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