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The Ante M by Deckadent Games is a poker table designed to teach the uninitiated and entertain the practiced by tracking bets, hands, winners, and losers. This table will seamlessly integrate RFID tracking technology and in­formation displays into a Texas Hold’em Table. The purpose of this table is to help home gamers with their poker night. Often a poker night amongst friends is more about comradery and friendship more than it is about the ac­tual game of poker. The Ante M provides these players a chance to focus on friendly conversation and leave the tedium of tracking the progress of the game to the table. How often during one of these home games are players asking, “How much do I need to bet?” or “Whose turn is it?” The Ante M will keep track of this information and provide it to the player as needed. No more will the game be held up by players not paying attention and no longer will players in the middle of conversation be interrupted by others telling them it’s their turn.