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In The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho inspired people how to follow their dreams by telling a Shepherd’s brave and mystical story. The novel attracts readers and brings them into the shepherd’s journey to figure out what treasure he is looking for. What this book portrays just what an alchemist does, transforming “lead to goad”. Page after page makes readers understand that every great thing starts from a simple thing, and finally it “leads” readers to their true personal “goal” in life. Similarly, every great book is built on every single word and grammar struc­ture, thus this study focuses on analysis the grammar and usage in this book. This study identifies Paulo Coelho’s writing style by analyzing and examining what kinds of sentence structures, sentence patterns, moods, verb tense and common voice Paulo Coelho uses in his novel, The Alchemist. In this study, a new approach to style analysis is used. The method employs traditional diagraming or the Reed-Kellogg system to map out a depiction of Paulo Coelho’s writing, which turns out to be an illuminating way to visualize a writer’s style. The results show that Paulo Coelho mostly used compound, indicative sentences in the simple past tense and active voice.