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As the frontline and most visual health promoters in a hospital setting, nurses are to be at the top of their game in terms of their health behaviors. Unfortunately, several studies show that nurses tend to follow the trend of the general population in poor eating habits, physical inactivity, sleep habits, and smoking and alcohol consump­tion. The purpose of this study is to unveil the benefits of Workplace Health Incentive Programs in an effort to increase the overall health of those who are to be considered role models for a healthy lifestyle, the nurses who hold the seat for the “most trusted professional.” For this evidence-based research study, a literature review encompassing five articles was done to explore evidence to support the conclusion of this project. Based on the research, the use Workplace Incentive Programs will result in healthier nurses, increased retention of nurses, better work environments, and increased patient satisfaction and safety. While the health of the general population is slowly declining, it is important that those in roles as positive health promoters are not following the trend of the whole population and are standing strong in an effort to fight non-communicable diseases, obesity, and physi­cal inactivity. To increase accountability to live a healthy lifestyle, nurses as well as other healthcare workers can participate in Workplace Health Incentive Programs to have healthier nurses on every floor of every hospital.