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The JaK’D Modular Drum System (MDS) is a drum module that allows the customer to purchase a base mod­ule with a certain amount of ports and allows the option to purchase add-on modules to give more input ports as needed. With existing drum modules on the market, if one were to run out of input ports, they would have to buy an entirely new module that has room for the new devices. The JaK’D MDS negates this problem by introducing expandability to the drum module market. The front of the main module has an LCD screen with directional buttons to navigate, as well as an enter button, back button, power button, and six rotary knobs for volume control. Two additional buttons are used to determine which inputs are being controlled with the volume knobs allowing the user to have control over all inputs without cluttering the face with numerous knobs. The screen and navigation buttons are used to assign sound effects to each of the inputs, as well as monitor the sound levels of the inputs. The back of the module has the input and output ports. The add-on modules have no buttons on their top and, like the base module, the inputs are along the back of the add-on modules with the hardwire connection being on the side of all modules.