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Sada Kernodle: There are seven billion people existing on this earth. That’s seven billion unique and complex minds viewing our natural world. My work includes images of organic life with the physical world. Through this, I hope to inspire those billions of minds to create, explore, and gradually heal through the process of making art. The combination of the human mind, body, and spirit with nature in its rawest form, has the ability to create powerful art pieces. This is the new global footprint for the world. Elliecia Hall: My art is about balance and imbalance. It’s both light and dark. I take dark themes and present them through a feminine and colorful lens. Feminine things are often perceived as innocent and naive, but I’ve never felt that to be true to my experience. I use art to articulate myself more fully; to bring life to the anger in my heart as much as the joy in my soul. Dreams and nightmares have had such an effect on my life. Most of my earliest memories have been of my sleeping world. And while my world is affected so strongly by the darkness of sleep, I see the world in vibrant color, and look to paint my illustrations in the same way I see everything around me. Josh Kukowski: I am an artist with his mind in the future. I find myself obsessed with the unknown that the future holds. My work should evoke the sense of wonder and motivation that is felt when we sent the first man to space and the first man to the moon. I create scenes with visual and textual reality, so others join me, invited into the world and experience the wonder yet unknown. My work focuses on scale and the scale of humans to their creations that already is and could be in the future. I want people to view my work and find themselves swept from the pres¬ent, where many seem to be stuck, and into my future. Kaitlynn Moslen: Watercolor has been my medium of choice for years because of its ability to slowly build the scene with con¬trolled washes of color. The gossamer layers of watercolor have an enchanting effect translating the narratives I explore. Dreams often reflect my emotional state in subtle, surreal ways. I consider the symbols and incon¬gruities in my dreams and I often arrive at revelations or find solutions to problems. My dreams operate with insight at a level beyond what I have in the waking world. These are translated into my artwork through the expression of a human figure along with symbolic aspects of the natural world. This usually includes serene bodies of water, trees and foliage found in unexpected places, and docile forest animals. Sarah Walden: Ever since I was a little girl my mother inspired me in the gardens with her flowers. It is in the gardens that I found my inspiration for art. Working in the garden is inspiring to me. I want to be a part of the process that points to the path of art. Illustrative images affects the influence of my viewers. I intend to express deep sublim¬inal images to spark creativity within my viewers lives, that will encourage them to work for a better future as well. The subliminal in my work deals with human emotions and experiences. Art can be used to heal and bring people together to make a change. A few people can be a big change. The mission for my art is to inspire others, so that I may inspire the rest of the world to save itself though creativity. Though the elements of art, expression is created, transferring knowledge from the artist to the viewer. Art is more than just materiality; it is the silent language of color and form that speaks to the consciousness of the audience.