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Employing qualitative study with purposive sampling methods, we want to study family mechanism exposed alcoholic consumption. Testing the effects of alcoholism within family structures, we examined whether children and the spouse of the alcoholic displayed any signs of emotional or physical abuse after treatment had been in place. The number of years post treatment varied upon different individuals. We also tested whether the different treatment options such as AA or in-patient treatment had longer lasting effects. The sample size included 10 white males from different backgrounds. Family sample size includes 5 white individuals, 4 females and 1 male. Outcomes were measured by personal experience, treatment options, and the different stress levels of the individuals in said trial. Research questions for the alcoholic include, How do you think being an alcoholic affected your family, and Do you still get the urge to drink. Questions for the family include, How do you think your loved one being affected by alcoholism affected you. The Outcomes will be discussed in implication of the paper.