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Graduate Research

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Spring 4-8-2015


The nonimmigrant international students from all over the world coming to United States of America face difficulty in understanding the vocabulary and English language since they are from different style of teaching environment. International students face difficulty and get stressed in learning the subject as they are brought to them in the traditional U.S. style of teaching which can lead to negative effects like increase in dropout rates and losing interest in studies. The problem is students feel stressed when they are taught with complicated issues in subjects. A possible solution to overcome this issue is by using strategic games in learning like the WORD SPLASH.

How and to what extent does using Word Splash a strategic vocabulary word game in academic curriculum enhance the learning ability of international students in industrial technology courses at Pittsburg State University?

The problem is that the international students of Industrial Technology at Pittsburg State University face are struggling with the language & vocabulary such as not using correct word or phrase during speaking and writing which resulting either poor communication or losing the grades by submitting the paper with poor vocabulary. Word Splash is a game that can help student improve in learning terminology in comprehension and vocabulary strategy, it is the game which can be played inside the class by having fun among the students. This event also motivates them in order to be attentive in the class to learn more things and to communicate well in the class. The game can be played like before starting a new chapter the new words of it are analyzed and picked by the teacher then words are splashed on the screen of the computer or the sentences whose vocabulary needs to be corrected, then the students have to work on this to correct them when they fit in the right word it gives green tick else they have to try again in the mean they get many suggestions and out comes what can be fit into it.

The type of research methodology to be used is qualitative which has the sequence as follow, first by selecting the participants and site like international Industrial technology students at PSU. After qualitative observation of selected participants with their permission, then by formulating the standard research questions from my observation the Qualitative interviews like face to face to the participants will be done with that difficulties can be known by which students are facing due to traditional method of teaching. With the specified questions from above observations and then providing time to play game so that they can feel the difference and take the interviews again to observe the change. Then formulating the documents on all the above process by taking visual materials also into consideration gives proper results to research study by which can be finally concluded.


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