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This paper is an exploratory study to investigate the influence of national institutions on logistic performance in emerging markets. Emerging markets are important locations for companies seeking new markets and production efficiency. They offer favorable features that can contribute to strong markets suggests many companies are dispersing their operations globally, creating new challenges in their global supply chains and logistics. The main question addressed in this research is whether institutional arrangements such as competitiveness and country risk will effect logistic performance in emerging markets. This paper uses the logistic performance index (LPI), published by the World Bank Group to provide information for this question. The approach for this study of logistics is interdisciplinary, combining both theories of international business and supply chain management. Both disciplines analyze logistics as an important value creation activity of multinational enterprises that are dispersed globally. The methodology to evaluate the research models will be the latent growth curve model, which is a methodology that combines the analysis for cross sectional data and longitudinal data. This methodology is well established in medical research but is still a new innovation in business administration. The aim of the paper is to develop testable propositions regarding the effect of institutions on logistics performance. The results and conclusion will be further investigated and presented at the 2015 Research Colloquium.