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There are several part time employment opportunities for university students. Some students opt for part-time work and some others do not work at all, it depends on their financial status. Many international students are coming from different parts of the world with different currency values. Most of the students are coming from countries with a decrease in currency value compared to the United States currency’s dollar value. It would be tough for students to manage their basic necessities in the United States. The problem is international Indian students with a decrease in currency value are opting for more part time hours which is directly impacting their academic excellence.

The choice to decide whether to work, or not work, how frequently to work and the working environments can have a considerable effect on academic excellence. In order to highlight that problem, the proposed research study assesses the international Indian student’s impact of part time jobs on academic grades. This study will use mixed methods research to answer the following research question:

  1. How and to what extent a part-time job for 20 hours per week will impact Indian student’s academic performance in Pittsburg State University?

According to International PSU office, there are about 548 international students in spring 2015 out of them 91 students are from India and within that 85 are graduate students, within that approximately 18 students opted for part time jobs within the university. The proposed study will use mixed methods research which includes face to face interviews conducted for part time working Indian graduate students in PSU. The data related to the type of part time job, the hours they are spending on part time work, responsibilities they have at their work, and how many credit hours they opted during that time will be gathered. The academic information data from the database at the international office at Pittsburg State University will also be gathered. Interviews will be conducted during the break times. Proper approvals from the international office and my instructor will be obtained conducting face to face interview and survey on Indian part time working students in PSU. The anonymous data will be collected from the students with no part time jobs and students with 0-10, 10-20 and 20 or above part time working hours per week, with differentiating the type of work, credit hours they opted during that time. The data obtained. Will be analyzed and the related statistical figures will be presented.