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Safety is an important factor to be considered especially for international female students studying in colleges. This could be due to more female students going to colleges today than ever before. Also parents living in other countries will be worrying about the safety of their daughters if they are attending late evening classes. If this safety problem is not addressed properly for international female. Students, it would really make a serious concern for the university. It’s a basic need for the females to showcase themselves with higher education and make their mark on society. Providing proper safety for international female students will help gain confidence and send their daughters to study.

Whatever the reason, safety is a growing concern that must be addressed by college campuses, particularly by administrators. In order for the college administrators to address safety concerns, they must be aware of the types of safety issues present on their campus. The international female students present in Pittsburg State University are facing safety concerns while attending late evening sessions. This is because students attending late evening classes don’t have transportation to commute between their home apartment and the technology center. Though the university provides all the students with several safety measures like on-campus university police, emergency poles to click on during necessary times, it does not provide transportation for international female students attending classes after 6:30 pm in the evening.

In order to address the problem, the proposed research study will try to answer the following research questions:

  1. How and to what extent safety is a concern for international female students, attending late evening classes at Pittsburg State University?

The proposed research will use mixed method to study to analyze the safety issues faced by international female students who are attending late evening sessions at PSU. The data will be collected from international female students by means of survey and face to face interviews. The details such as number of international female students attending late evening sessions, number of students with lack of transportation after attending late evening sessions will be conducted during class break times. With necessary approvals from the international office, the survey and interviews will be conducted. The gathered data will be drafted for the analysis. The analyzed data will be displayed in tabular and statistical report.