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Many International student mums in Pittsburg State University (PSU) are faced with the difficulty of childcare upon arrival on campus. The problem, to a great extent is the lack of availability at the PSU Daycare Center to accommodate International student's kids under the ages of six. In order to better understand this problem, the proposed study will attempt the following question:

How and to what extent can PSU Daycare Center accommodate International students' kids under the ages of six?

Research shows that PSU is the fifth most family friendly oriented campus in the United States of American and so for most mums, it is an expectation that once they arrive in PSU, there would be a daycare provision for their kids, but this is not the case. Having access to childcare is one of the student mum's top priorities. Upon inquiry at the PSU daycare center, it is required that the child has to be on a waiting list, a list which does not guarantee the child's entry. This procedure makes it very difficult for the student mum, as she is faced with the challenges of being in a new environment with no help. The student mum requires the child care services upon arrival on campus because in most cases they travel alone with the kids from miles away in order to pursue an academic qualification. Upon arrival, orientation commences immediately after the resumption date scheduled and it runs for a week and classes commence afterwards, thereby leaving the International student mum stranded with no place to keep her kids. This lack of provision of child care negatively affects the emotional and mental state of the student mum.

For this research proposal I would collect data from International student mums in PSU and I intend to collect this data by doing a survey of the International student mums in PSU and distribute questionnaires to these mums. I would also interview 20% of the mums, after which I would analyze the data based on the questionnaires completed and interviews conducted and include it in this research proposal.

Childcare is one of the most effective ways that colleges and universities can render help and assistance to International student mums to earn a degree or complete a successful degree program, yet most universities fail to provide this special need. Child care facilities not only allows parents peace of mind but also provides them more time to devote to schoolwork, the facilities can also help increase retention in the international student mums.

By making this provision PSU would succeed in providing the student mum with the assistance she requires in order to achieve academic excellence and make her stay on campus a pleasant one.