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I composed my first song in the early 1970s, but all but one of the songs listed here were written after my fifty-fifth birthday in 2008—indeed, the vast majority of what I have composed was written since then. What follows are the lyrics to some of my songs. For each song, I’ve made comments that provide context, an explanation of the sources that I’ve used for inspiration, and what I was thinking in composing the piece. All of the recordings of the songs were made at Phil Ward’s Woodland Studios in Pittsburg, Kansas.

01 American Story 12-4-17.mp3 (8446 kB)
American Story

03 Sun-Slanted Skies 2-9-18.mp3 (6799 kB)
Sun-Slanted Skies of November

04 The Music of Her Life (Viney).mp3 (4453 kB)
The Music of Her Life

05 Horizons Far From Sight (Viney).mp3 (3757 kB)
Horizons Far from Sight

07 Song of the Rockies.mp3 (3412 kB)
Song of the Rockies

08 Her Graceful Ways (Viney, Viney).mp3 (5197 kB)
Her Graceful Ways

09 Far Away from Stephen's Green (Viney).mp3 (4637 kB)
Far Away from Stephen’s Green

11 Reason It Through - II.mp3 (4120 kB)
Reason it Through

12 The Last Page of Jules Lequyer.mp3 (3037 kB)
The Last Page of Jules Lequyer

13 La dernière page de Jules Lequyer.mp3 (2964 kB)
La Dernière Page de Jules Lequyer

14 Teilhard's Fire 6-16-15.mp3 (7072 kB)
Teilhard and Teilhard’s Fire

15 Nothing.mp3 (1628 kB)

16 Donut Song - II.mp3 (6446 kB)
The Donut Song

17 Gun Philosophy.mp3 (8621 kB)
Gun Philosophy

18 The Potty Seat Song - II(1).mp3 (2644 kB)
The Potty Seat Song

19 God Bless the 1st Amendment.mp3 (5081 kB)
God Bless the First Amendment

21 The Raft of the Little I Know.mp3 (6309 kB)
The Raft of the Little I Know

22 A New Rubayyat.mp3 (6915 kB)
A New Rubayyat

23 The Singer Never Sings in Vain.mp3 (3361 kB)
The Singer Never Sings in Vain

24 Anthem To Recovery(1).mp3 (3461 kB)
Anthem to Recovery

25 Higher Ground 11-3-15 (2).mp3 (9175 kB)
Higher Ground

26 Heart of All Hearts (2).mp3 (8906 kB)
Heart of All Hearts

27 Spring in His Step.mp3 (6803 kB)
Spring in His Step

28 And When I Go, Lee Gleeson vocal.mp3 (4972 kB)
And When I Go

29 Gather 'Round.mp3 (6703 kB)
Gather 'Round

30 The Ducks Want Somethin' to Eat.mp3 (6247 kB)
The Ducks Want Somethin' to Eat


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