Decálogo del formalista (The Ten Commandments of the Formalist): A Micro-Chapbook


Amanda Trout

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This project consists of a series of Spanish-language poems inspired by the writings, ideas, and tropes of famous hispanic authors. The title poem, "Decálogo del formalista," or "The Ten Commandments of the Formalist," sets the stage for the collection as a whole through its connection to Horacio Quiroga's "Decálogo del perfecto cuentista" (Decalogue of the Perfect Storyteller), as well as its contemplation of what it means to be a formal poet. The rest of the collection's poems follow the guidelines presented by the decalogue with their construction, exploring themes ranging from hidden anger to societal pressure to the vagabond nature of stories themselves. While the original project was completed in Spanish, each poem has been presented in a dual-language format (Spanish and English) to allow for ease of comprehension and to exemplify translation technique.

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