Transitional Psychiatric Care in Pittsburg, Kansas


Aubri Ashbacher

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Psychiatric patients are a known vulnerable population. This population often ends up in a cycle of decline post-hospitalization that leads to rehospitalization. The purpose of this study is to establish the feasibility for bringing psychiatric transitional care services to the local community. The methods for the study include a qualitative analysis of common themes discussed from the presentation of the idea of transitional care services for this area to area mental healthcare providers. Using a qualitative approach, the project will involve conducting interviews with mental healthcare providers in the Pittsburg community via Zoom about the feasibility of transitional psychiatric care services for the area. The moderator will introduce the prompts throughout the Zoom to ensure that all participants were given the opportunity to comment on the same topics. Free discussion will be allowed until discussion for each prompt has ceased. Member checking will be done at the end of the meeting with the moderator summarizing the main ideas that were discussed in the group. Each group meeting will be audio recorded and transcribed verbatim. The author and a professional colleague will then review the transcripts separately to ensure reliability. The author and two professional colleagues will be reviewing the data to find commonalities and themes presented in the discussions. The focus groups will be conducted using a snowball effect until data saturation is obtained. Analysis will begin after the first interviews are completed and will continue until no new themes emerge from the analysis and the material is considered saturated.


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