Submissions from 2022

Advanced portrait lighting techniques with a focus on the addition of astrophotography., Daniel Tustin

Black Student Movement at Pitt State: Racial Progress in the Post-Civil Rights Era, Noah Larson

Cleansing our waters: How riffle fish communities in the Spring River of Kansas responded to pollution legislation and remediation, Alexandria King

Contemporary extent of the Blackspotted Topminnow invasion and frequency of hybridization with native Blackstripe Topminnow in the Spring River subbasin, Alexandra King

Decálogo del formalista (The Ten Commandments of the Formalist): A Micro-Chapbook, Amanda Trout

Factors influencing vaccination in children under two, Danielle Bennett

Intentional Stimuli in the Preterm Infant, Sophia Porembski

Mammal Communities in Kansas Mined Lands, Caleb Durbin

MOF Derived Co3O4@Co/NCNT Nanocomposite for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution, Flexible Zinc-Air Batteries, and Overall Water Splitting, Tenzin Ingsel

Monochromatic Midwest, Kamryn Kelley

Pregnancy Education in Rural Areas, Kayla Tinsley

Provider Education on Non-Pharmacologic Treatment of Osteoarthritis, Brandi Whetzell

State-Level Increases in Suicide and School Psychologist Support, Samantha Wiltz

The Impact of the Russian Revolution on Great Britain, Andrew Grant

Transitional Psychiatric Care in Pittsburg, Kansas, Aubri Ashbacher

Trimetallic NiFeMo for Overall Electrochemical Water Splitting with a Low Cell Voltage, Yixuan Ma

Uncovering the Educational and Self Management Need in People with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Zachary Palumbo

Violence or Parliament: Ireland's Struggles for a Republic, Brent McDowell