The Reign of Terror: Mission Failure


Latayzia Harris

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Spring 2021


The Reign of Terror marks one of the bloodiest periods in recorded history. After a period of striving for a government for the people, the French were left to properly govern. The task at hand was complicated by the sheer paranoia that was fostered during the revolution. The threats of foreign invasion, of domestic uprising, and a thirst for justice only complicated matters. The Committee of Public Safety was meant to assuage these fears. It failed terribly. This essay deals with the downfall of the Committee of Public Safety of the burgeoning French Republic. In a bid to protect their new government, members of the committee used Madame Guillotine to solve their problems. This proved a fatal calculation that plummeted the new government down a path of self-destruction. The authors of the Republic became the very monsters that they had just fought so hard to defeat and the committee meant to solve France’s problems became its largest one.


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