The Dreadnought


Daniel Davis

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Spring 2021


The dreadnought was a light and fast cruiser type ship that with its heavy guns and modern technology served to bring Britain into a new era of budgeted naval spending and sea superiority. Sir John Fischer, the man responsible for the development of the dreadnought, was named to the admiralty in 1904 and was tasked with making naval cuts that saved Britain from the impending financial and political crisis created by their growing Naval budget. As Fischer cut the naval budget, foreign naval threats grew and new technological developments were being adopted by these threats. As such Fischer was forced to create a new model of navy that would come in under budget as well as bringing Britain into a new era of naval warfare. The dreadnaught class battlecruiser was the answer to this conundrum created by prewar politics and finances. This paper will review in greater depth the needs of the British navy and government, and will prove that, the development of Dreadnought class ships was not only a military consideration/necessity but primarily a one driven by finance, politics and logistics.


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