How The View of the Vietnam War has changed with time

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Spring 2021


The Vietnam conflict was a brutal war fought between the United States helping the south Vietnamese against the north Vietnamese government with support from China and the Soviet Union. While the conflict was brutal, this was the first major conflict to be televised in the news, and it grew to have a very negative image from the American people. Protests surged during the conflict urging the U.S. Government to exit Vietnam and end the conflict. At the end of the conflict in April of 1975, we brought the soldiers deployed there home and they faced horrific conditions from the American people, often being abused verbally for their actions overseas. Since then, I believe the view of the Vietnam Conflict has changed dramatically to how we see it today. The stories and firsthand accounts of the soldiers coming home about what they faced brought to light a very different side of the conflict, not only the parts the media sent into the homes of Americans each night. This paper explains when and how the change in heart came from the American people regarding the war. Its view has changed from a terrible conflict and the soldiers committing atrocities every day, to a terrible conflict where the soldiers are just trying to make it back home and fighting for each other. These stories from the soldiers and the historians are key to changing the view of the Vietnam war to its current view.


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