How Can Current and Future NBA Athletes Improve Their Performances and Have Great Careers?

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Spring 2021


One of the most controversial topics in sport is the notion of performance. Some athletes tend to have better careers and perform better. On the other hand, other athletes struggle either temporarily or consistently in their careers. Early research by Brent A. Evans (2018) has shown that older players in the National Basketball Association (NBA) perform better than younger players. What other variables affect the performance of an NBA player? By running a Panel regression ESLG of thirty random NBA players from 2009 to 2019, I join Brent A. Evans’s findings by claiming that there is a positive relationship between the age and the performance of an NBA player. PPG (point per game) being the determinant of the performance in my research. In addition to the age having a positive relationship with the PPG of an NBA player, my results also demonstrate a positive relationship between the PPG of an NBA player and his defensive rebounds per game, field goal and free throw percentages per game, minutes played per game and turnover rate per game. On the other hand, I found that there is a negative relationship between the PPG of an NBA player and his assists per game, blocks per game, and personal fouls per game.


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