Electrochemical Analysis of Coffee

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Spring 2021


The objective of this study was to determine if there is a correlation between the chemical analysis of coffee and its variety of flavors. Different types of coffee have varying chemicals, with one of the components being the differing types and quantities of polyphenols. In order to study the correlation of coffee structure and flavor, electrochemical analysis of varying coffee samples was performed. The types of analyses utilized include Cyclic Voltammetry and UV Spectroscopy, along with pH. Cyclic Voltammetry was an excellent method since it is quick, easily performed, and cost effective. UV Spectroscopy was also used to compare the structures of the varying coffee types with the determined flavor profiles of each sample. The differing acidity and alkalinity between the coffee types may play a role in the taste of each sample, which was also analyzed in this study. Flavor profiles were determined by a panel of taste testers who were given specific parameters that were used to characterize the tastes of the coffees sampled. Although taste is usually subjective among individuals, the results of the electrochemical analyses were compared to the flavor profiles assigned to each sample.


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