French Revolution: Peasantry and Other Causes


Braeden Silvers

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Spring 2021


The paper seeks to generate a better understanding of the role played by agrarian communities in the French Revolution. This was determined by analyzing the arguments surrounding the causes of the French Revolution. A variety of sources were used to explore different arguments and interpretations of the French Revolution. According to the sources, there are a few different things that were found. One source covers the interpretation of the French Revolution and uses a variety of different viewpoints from other people to make its argument. Another talks about Feudalism being a large factor in the revolution, and many of the others focus on the peasantry and agrarian communities being the most important factor. The peasantry played a significant role in promoting the revolution. The problems surrounding the monarchy and the authoritativeness of the French government caused many issues, leading the peasants and agrarian communities to revolt. The peasants and agrarian communities contributed significantly to the occurrence of the French Revolution and the actions demonstrated by the upper class and monarchy led to the revolt.


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