Effect of Graphite/Graphene Addition to PMMA Liquid Crystal


Skyler Hausback

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Spring 2021


We are familiar with matter existing in three phases, solid, liquid, and gas. However, there is an intermediate phase called the mesomorphic phase which is intermediate between solid and liquid. Certain organic materials do not exhibit a single transition from solid to liquid but have different phases of transitions. These materials are called liquid crystals. They have long-chain molecules that are rod-like or disk-like. There is some order in the direction of the molecules; they tend to be parallel to some common axis. Because of these interesting orientation properties, liquid crystals have been used in display panels in televisions and computer monitors extensively. One of the phases of liquid crystals is called the Nematic phase in which molecules have no positional order, but tend to point in the same direction. Creating order in molecules may be achieved with external controls such as temperature and electric field. However, is it possible to achieve order without these external controls? This is the question this study investigates. In this study, Graphite/Graphene addition to liquid crystal MBBA is studied. If it is not possible to order molecules, what new phase transition temperature and an applied electric field are needed to achieve order? Results will be reported.


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