Investigation of reasons which lead engineering professionals in India to switch their occupation from engineering positions to business administration


Bhupinder Kaur

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Spring 2021


The purpose of this study is to investigate and understand why engineering professionals discontinue programming as a profession. What are the reasons that force engineering professionals to switch even after being paid fairly? Research under this topic will be concluded on a sample of 20 people. This includes the engineering professionals with 2-3 years of engineering experience before switching to business administrative positions. These are the graduates with working experience in top 10 software companies of north India. This study will help us to understand the significance of programming for graduates not only in professional life but also in everyday life. People can face several difficulties because coding is all about problem-solving and making algorithms. Time and energy, both are invested in the regular practice of algorithms which make our minds sharp, while programming we counter a lot of small problems. Debugging and decoding complex programs consume a lot of time. It can be overcome with a lot of practice and learning lively examples. Practice and experience develop a sense of confidence in an individual that he can solve problems. Also, the study will highlight the need for enough industrial experience. Most essentially, the practice on live projects before graduation so that the graduates opting for programming-related jobs already have an exact idea of what they are getting into and how to tackle it.


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