How regular consumption of fast food impacts the health of the male population between the ages 21-30 in Pittsburg, Kansas, USA.

Pranay Kumar Reddy Akaram

Category A


The purpose of this study is to investigate how eating fast food daily affects the health of people. This study is intended to show how health issues such as obesity, blood pressure, and cardiovascular problems are related to people’s regular food habits. This study will be conducted under qualitative methodology and by case study design strategy. This investigation includes interviewing 15 to 20 people who eat fast food regularly in Pittsburg, Kansas. Food is the major source of energy for humans. It plays a significant role in both the physical and mental health of people. It is important to investigate how daily food habits impacts people’s health. This study will investigate how regular consumption of fast food affects the health of the participants. The study results will benefit the general public in choosing their regular diet and which type of food they should avoid.