Big data analysis on the relationship between personalizing advertisement volume and sales


Yue Liu

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Spring 2021


The topic I want to focus on in my research proposal is big data. On the one hand, people's personal information is circulating on the Internet, and people are worried about privacy leakage. On the other hand, many mobile shopping and social networking apps record people's usage of the apps and collect data. We can see the effects of this is the way our online shopping product searches affect the kinds of advertisements that appear in our social networking and other sites. After a customer searches for a product of interest through a cell phone browser, many shopping apps will record this information and then constantly recommend items similar to what the customer has searched for. I once found a beautiful skirt on a shopping app, and I didn't buy it. And for at least five days afterward, that skirt I had searched for kept appearing like a ghost when I checked my mobile news and weather forecast apps. This situation can make customers believe that their personal information has been stolen and their privacy has been compromised. Online shopping companies are collecting shopping preferences from their customers, which helps them to better target their advertising, but not every customer would like to have their personal purchase information recorded.


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