Air pollution affect the health conditions of pedestrians in metropolitan cities

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Spring 2021


The purpose of this study is to explore the impact of air pollution on the pedestrians in metropolitan areas of California, USA. This area was picked since; California is one of the main leading states in manufacturing industries in United States. As indicated by this, the pollution levels in California would be adequate enough to explore this issue. The study is conducted under qualitative methodology and case study design. This examination includes meeting of 15 to 20 pedestrians in California, USA. One of the burning problems world is the environmental pollution caused by the emission of smoke which is released from the factories, moving vehicles and from some other sources. In late decades, there is threatening increment in air pollution levels. Carbon monoxide is one of the primary pollutants which is discharged from vehicles and other medical industries. Carbon monoxide indicates misleading impact on the lungs of people. As indicated by W.H.O(World Health Organization), people on foot(pedestrians) make up to 85% of the casualties of air contamination, this investigation will give clear experiences to pedestrians and environmental control board on vital measures to be taken to diminish the effect of air pollution. This investigation will even help officials to alter the ecological laws to reduce the contamination levels.


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