Scientific Injection Molding Using the Frisbee Mold

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Spring 2021


The Engel e-Motion 85 injection molding machine is an electric, 85-ton machine that is equipped with many IQ features including Authentig, IQ Weight Control, Industry 4.0, and e-Flomo. Being able to learn how to use these features is important, as it enhances student knowledge and applies a new method for analyzing data. In addition to the Engel capabilities, the RJG e-Dart can monitor part quality in real time. Different scientific molding trials were conducted: in-mold flow, cavity balance, pressure drop, gate seal, and process window. Upon finishing molding trials, scientifically-tested parts were observed and compared to previously-made parts. During these trials, the e-Dart system properly received its signals throughout the part’s cycle time. These signals then displayed graphs that directly correlated with the machine actions. With the e-Dart, the production process is more efficient, allowing the process engineer to track real-time production, and allowing for multi-stage planning within the production chain. Throughout our process, we were able to properly troubleshoot intelligent control modules within the injection machine, understand how the molten plastic flows through the mold, determine which cavity in the mold portrays the most efficient pressure, and develop the cosmetic and dimensional processing window that will allow for successful mass production. This work will impact future plastic engineering technology students as they will have knowledge of the parameters needed to make quality frisbees and they will also be able to observe and understand the impact of the intelligent features within the machine.


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