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A multi-phase study was completed to determine the effectiveness of corporate sponsorship efforts at Pittsburg State University. Pittsburg State engages in corporate sponsorship to partner with local and national companies, seeking to benefit both the university and its partners. The study sought to find factors that improve the effectiveness of such sponsorship efforts as determined by stakeholders’ ability to recall sponsors, differences in attitudes toward national sponsors versus local, and how brand attachment to the university or sponsoring brands effects their perception of the sponsorship alliance. Phase 1 included interviews with stakeholder groups (students, faculty/staff, alumni, and community members) and functioned as the pre-test and formative research that informed a later quantitative study. Phase 2 included a survey distributed to stakeholder groups to gauge attachment, attitudes, and behavior. All materials and measures were approved by the Internal Review Board. The data was gathered online using Qualtrics software through the Communication Research Lab. Findings and limitations will be presented, along with implications for corporate sponsorships in higher education systems.