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Bio-polymers from sustainable natural resources serve mankind keeping environmental factors under consideration. Resources such as soybean, castor and orange oil are among highly cultivable agro-resources. Polyols formulated from these oils shows clean-environmental pathway for synthesizing polyurethane foams and sheets. Facile single-step synthesis, with negligible waste as well as byproducts produces 100% qualitative yield for polyurethane foams. Present work displays use of synthesized polyols in developing polyurethane foams and casts. Viscometry, FTIR spectroscopy, GPC and other chemical analysis were done to ensure the quality of the raw materials. Cast Sheets and foams were produced by chemical polymerization with di-phenyl methane diisocyanate using different formulations of polyols. Foams and sheets were stable until 200oC. Mercaptenized polyol sheets displayed ultimate tensile stress around 25 MPa. Hence, overall study suggests that these bio-polyols from sustainable resources serves to be very good source for polyurethane foams and sheets.



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