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Recently, supercapacitors are attracting considerable interest as a promising energy storage device. In this study, we report the high performing supercapacitor based on cobalt oxide embedded carbon nanofibers (CNF@CO) fabricated by electrospinning of cobalt acetate and polyacrylonitrile mixture in to carbon nanofibers (CNF) and subsequent pyrolyzed at 800 oC under nitrogen atmosphere. Morphology and electrochemical properties of the fabricated CNF@CO was studied in detailed. Embedding of cobalt oxide in to CNF showed a remarkable improvement in the charge storage capacitance, specific capacitance of 360 F/g and 1100 F/g were observed for CNF and CNF@CO, respectively. We studied the effect of electrolyte ion size on charge storage process by performing electrochemical measurements in 3M LiOH, NaOH and KOH electrolytes. It was found that capacitive performance increase with the decreasing hydrogenated ionic radius of the electrolyte. CNF@CO retained ~ 100% of charge storage capacity over 5,000 charge-discharge cycles. In addition, symmetric supercapacitor based on two CNF@CO electrodes showed 200% improvement in charge storage capacity with the temperature increase from 10 to 70 oC. This kind of cobalt oxide embedded carbon nanofibers represents promising candidate for efficient electrode material for energy storage devices.


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