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Since the construction of Brandenburg Field in 1922, it has been the home for four national championship football teams and has become a symbol for Pittsburg State University Athletics. This research project explored the construction of Brandenburg Field to find out why the University decided to build the stadium at that time and to demonstrate the significant relationship between athletic programs and strong academics. As other institutions of higher learning in Kansas developed, they built stadiums that would attract more students and community support. Pittsburg State did not want to be left out of the equation. With a new, large, stadium on their campus, PSUs students and faculty now had a point of pride that they could show off to others who came to visit the school. But there is a deeper significance within this chapter of PSU history. This research revealed that William Brandenburg himself believed that a strong athletic program was essential to increasing the quality of students who would want to attend PSU. It is because of the relationship between athletics and academics and the need to be viewed as a respectable institution that Pittsburg State constructed Brandenburg Field. This research was completed using primary sources available through the Axe Library microfilm collection, and the main source was the University's newspaper, The Manualite.



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