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The Reverse Hyperextension Device is an exercise device typically used to aid in the recovery of those with lower back problems. Its main use is to substitute squats for those who cannot sustain the strain that comes with doing regular squats. A typical Reverse Hyperextension device is a bulky and immovable device, which poses a problem if the placement area has limited space. With our innovative design, the device will be foldable so it can be stored away when not in use and still as stable as needed to serve its purpose without causing injury. Another benefit coming from the redesign is the ability to easily move the device when needed. The redesign of the device will be made out of aluminum, with a few components out of steel for added strength. Finally, something not seen on ordinary Reverse Hyperextension devices that our redesign has is a real time angle readout. The readout is intended to keep track of the patients’ progress along their recovery process. With the redesign of the Reverse Hyperextension device, one will have everything found on the typical device along with many added features to make the device more user friendly and flexible to the users.



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