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Hello! We are the HandCycle team, from the Engineering of Technology Department. For our senior capstone we have designed and built a hand cycle that will accommodate those with physical limitations such as paraplegics, quadriplegics and amputees.

The purpose for this project is to incorporate the hand cycle into the Therapeutic Recreation Program’s lessons, by giving the students a hands on teaching and experience when practicing for their professional aspirations.

We incorporated the design methods and teachings taught to us in our ETECH program to develop our design for the hand cycle and used the facilities at the technology center as a station to build it. For material we used a 1020 Steel Tubing and plates, traditional bicycle materials, and the necessary safety precautions with guards, covers reflectors and flag.

As a result of our senior capstone, we have successfully designed and built a functioning hand cycle to accommodate various types and sizes of riders.


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