Electrical properties and DFT studies of copolymers from 3- phenyl[5] ferrocenophane- 1,5- Dimethylene and various para- substituted phenylmaleimides

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Ferrocene containing polymers are of considerable attention due to their well understood chemistry and stable redox responses. Our research has focused on understanding the spatial arrangement and electrical properties of alternating copolymers from 3-phenyl[5] ferrocenophant-1,5-dimethylene with various para substituted phenylmaleimides. Cyclic voltammetry using these chemically modified electrodes with aqueous sodium perchlorate showed two redox waves indicating electronic interaction between the ferrocenyl and maleimide moieties. To better understand the electronic interactions, UV spectra were obtained and first-principle studies using density functional study (DFT) was used to obtain the optimized geometries. DFT studies clearly showed the ferrocenyl moiety in close proximity to the maleimide moiety, suggesting the electronic interactions could result between these two moieties.


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