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Most frequently downloaded items in April 2016, PSU Digital Commons

In April we added 122 items to the repository for a total of 587 items. New collections include History 550/700, Library Services Faculty Submissions, and more finding aids were added.

Overall, the repository supplied 265 downloads for 116 items. All item downloads are listed below.

The overall top 2 downloads of 58 was for the 24th Annual Faculty Author Reception (2006-2007) and 16 for a student thesis: Validation of the MMPI-2_RF's RC3 Cynicism Scale.


Electronic Theses 55

History 430 9

Research Colloquium 24

Total downloads 88

Library Services:

University Archives 12

Finding Aids 98

Events 3

Faculty Submissions 1

Faculty Authors Reception 63

Total downloads 177

Total Overall Submissions 587

Total Downloads 265

Items with 0 Downloads 472

Deborah L. White

May 3, 2016